Part of Something Big

Granary Row is a collaborative project, lead by the folks at Kentlands Initiative. It all started as a brainstorm during a public planning workshop two years back. Now, with the work of folks in the neighborhood and support from the City, it's a reality!

Of course, it's part of a larger effort by all sorts of people to help the Granary District shake off recent set-backs and to embrace its bright future as a haven for the regions makers!

About Us

Granary Row is a pop-up market and festival space. It's a community space, as well as a breeding ground for local businesses and talent.

Granary Row is an example of sort of "big idea" it hopes to foster — a bold urban venture aimed at inspiring and fostering the entrepreneurial ambitions of Salt Lake City's creative class. At its core, it's an experiment in seeding the Granary with microventures that will make the District their home — in turn sustaining the neighborhood as a place where makers live, work, and play!

The Granary Row Mission

Granary Row serves the needs of the people who live, work, and play in the Granary District by supporting a vibrant, locally sourced, and symbiotic street culture.

Granary Row is a prototype for reclaiming vehicle rights-of-way to achieve neighborhood goals. Specifically, the goal to have development reflect and reinforce the Granary District's maker roots.

Our commercial spaces nurture microventures that will seed the neighborhood with a steady and diverse stream of creative and driven entrepreneurs. Our tenants are drawn from the area's existing arts, bike, entrepreneurial, and foodie communities.

We are non-profit.

We are resource-wise.

We are inclusive.

What Others are Saying

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